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Vastranam Company lauched In 16 th February,2021 In Jamshedpur one of the greenest city . It Is a home tailoring service platform. The Vastranam Help customers to book reliable boutique/tailor from door to door in everyday clothing such as suits,lehengas,gowns or dresses. They modify and create as per your request with great results /service.
We have adopted a new ethic of Started Something New to give marketing a new dimension and innovation in our key drive to attain excellence in customer home service. Vastranam provides a platform to every fashion boutique/tailor listed on the vastranam's site. Our company has a huge selection of boutique/tailor in different areas.

Service Goal

Vastranam help customers to book reliable boutique every day. Vastranam Service Goal to revolves around giving the customer the power and ease of booking and call boutiques at their doorstep offering measurement, pickup & delivery, redo & redeliver policy. To make online boutiques booking easier for you and customer connect team to resolve your queries.